Global Packaging

For our customers

To our clients, Global Packaging is a third party purchasing office:


  • Suppliers are selected through a rigid auditing process, ensuring their organization, technical competences and reliability.
  • Projects can be granted to several converters, optimising therefore the selection of the supplying pool and the allocation of references and orders received.
  • Clients are able to choose between the different suppliers available without consuming internal resources, while still continuing to operate with a single company.
  • The extended number of contacts with specialised suppliers on a global and international scale allows obtaining the best possible supplying options and conditions.
  • The delivering stages are fully monitored through specific resources; specifically: order confirmation, technical and financial controls, graphic design management, production phase controls, control of delivery as requested and as promised.


New solutions in the field can be learned exploiting our experience and skills, developed on a global scale, and our knowledge in differentiated products and services.

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